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September 9, 2009 / Mike Su

Mark Stein @ESPN Doesn’t Get the Web

Just had to run off a quick morning rant. ran this article today about Allen Iverson signing with Memphis. Their source for the info? Iverson tweeted about it. Interesting. Being a lifelong Sixers fan, I had no idea that Iverson had a twitter account. So I went to ESPN to read the article and this is what I saw:

I count at least 4 fails

Let’s see now, I count at least 5 problems here:

  1. They don’t mention his twitter name
  2. They don’t link to his twitter name
  3. In the video, they go through the trouble of reformatting his tweet, yet they don’t use his actual twitter photo, but instead substitute it for another one
  4. In the video, instead of mentioning his twitter name, they mention @sportscenter
  5. I go to the @sportscenter page, and there’s no mention of the Iverson story, much less a link to his tweet

Now, it’s not like the tweet is a side story in this article.  The TWEET IS THE FRICKIN’ SOURCE and ENTIRE BASIS OF THE STORY! For this, Mr. Mark Stein at, you earn a coveted monkey bitch slap:

betta recognize!

betta recognize!



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  1. Send Gifts to India / Oct 12 2009 4:41 am

    this pic is really nice & I think in India also you can get many pics this way.

  2. Demi Moore / Oct 28 2009 12:57 pm

    “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” – Abraham Lincoln
    Demi Moore

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