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March 26, 2013 / Mike Su

The Christian Case for Gay Marriage

Wow, it’s been a while. I did not write a single post in 2012. Oh well. So this is a hot topic that may potentially draw me some ire from my conservative Christian brethren. All I ask is that in discussion, let’s keep it civil shall we? We can be agreeable, even when we disagree.

As a young Christian, I tended to just accept widely held evangelical beliefs as gospel. However, as I’ve gotten older, through prayer and reading the Bible, I’ve started looking more critically at what “popular” evangelical beliefs really meant, and whether they fit what the Bible itself proclaimed. It’s dangerous to blindly follow what our Christian leaders preach from the pulpit or proclaim on TV and most dangerous just to follow general consensus. After all, our faith is founded on the principle that ALL have sinned and fallen short of the grace of God, and the Bible very clearly depicts people who seemed to follow the “popular” beliefs which in hind sight seem ridiculous. Those people were called Pharisees.

Gay marriage is one of those issues that I’ve changed my opinions on, and here’s why.

But…But…It’s Unbiblical!!

Many detractors point to verses in the bible condemning homosexuality. While some make the clear case that the bible is unequivocal in its condemnation, others point to cultural context to say it was written for a specific time and context. My point is this: regardless of whether you believe it is right or wrong, I don’t think the Bible calls us to fight this politically. If we want the law to uphold what the Bible is clear on, then why don’t we fight to make divorce illegal? Or adultery illegal? Or greed illegal? Do we suddenly think that by making gay marriage illegal we will lead all these gay people to Christ? Does anyone seriously think that? Of those people, how many of us are actually going out and making gay friends? It’s a lot easier to toss a vote or make a contribution than it is to get involved in people’s lives who may not share our values. But ask yourself this question: What Would Jesus Do? The Jesus I read about went around meeting people, getting to know those who were tossed aside by the pharisees, not to condemn them, but to love them. Is this what we are modeling? Is this the behavior evangelicals are exhibiting? We think gay marriage is against how God intended for marriage to be. Well, guess what, I can easily point to many a gay couple whose marriage is closer to what God intended for marriage to be than what many of my heterosexual friends marriage is. How hypocritical do we as Christians look condemning gay marriage while headline after headline catch our leaders in affairs and other sinful acts? What is our ultimate goal? Go forth and make disciples of all nations. Do we think banning gay marriage will move the needle on that? We can’t legislate someone’s faith. This is not the Taliban. It is from our freedoms that one can discover true faith, and if that is really our goal, do we really think banning gay marriage is going to make a difference?

But…But…I don’t want it forced on my kids!!

Right, so, we don’t want to have to discuss with our children homosexuality, and we don’t want these values forced upon my kids!! First of all, God forbid our kids see a committed couple involved in their children’s lives and raising them up to be men and women of strong moral character!! What will become of our society!!! Second, just because we don’t want it to, doesn’t mean it won’t exist. Whether marriage is formally permitted or not, our kids are going to be in class with kids of gay couples.

But…But…It’s not a civil rights issue! Gays are not under privileged!!

I’ve also heard many people argue, “Gay rights is not a civil rights issue! Gays are not underprivileged! Just look at how much influence and power they have in media and in business! That doesn’t sound underprivileged to me!” Well, I’m just going to assume that nobody saying that has ever had a gay friend in elementary, middle, or high school. If you think it’s easy, well, you need to get out more. That’s the same argument I get for Asian people – “they’re not discriminated against! They’re so good at math!! They’re so successful!” That, my friend, is in spite of being called “ching chang chong” and Bruce Lee buddy, not because we’ve had it so easy. Again, it is out of our unique and profound freedoms in America that people can come to know Christ, not because we’ve oppressed them or forced them to share our beliefs.

But…But…What about the poor?!

And last, but not least, I’d just like to point out that the bible mentions homosexuality 12 times. but it talks about the need to serve the sick and the poor hundreds and hundreds of times. Jesus never once directly spoke on homosexuality, but he’s spoken at length about the poor and the needy. I wish we as Christians made more headlines for helping the poor and needy than we do blocking gay marriage. But that’s messy and requires a lot of work. I can just cast a vote to ban gay marriage!!!



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  1. rtuprod / Mar 27 2013 3:12 am

    Personally, my feeling is that everything that is considered “marriage” by state and federal laws should just be classified as civil unions and the term marriage should be held for religious designations. The fight is over the term marriage and the feeling is the civil unions are the same because they are not called marriages by the government. So eliminate the term marriage from all government documents. When my friends went through their bat and bar mitzvah’s they were religiously considered women and men but the state and federal laws still considered them juveniles. Why not make all of them civil unions and leave the designation of marriage to their religious affiliations?

  2. akmlomati / Jul 14 2013 10:33 pm

    This is the first decent Christian case for/neutral to gay marriage I’ve found. Good job!

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