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About Mike Su

A Product Guy
The name of the blog is an obvious nod to Fred Wilson’s excellent A VC blog, which I read pretty much daily. And since I’m a product guy, well…

Third Person Bio
Mike Su is CEO and Co-founder of Massive Joe Studios, a mobile entertainment apps studio. Prior to MJS, Mike was Vice President, Product and Games at Break Media.  Break owns eight different properties that reach over 25 million monthly visitors, and operates a publisher network that reaches an additional 30 million.  Given that Mike can barely be responsible for what comes out of his mouth, this blog in no way shape or form represents any views of his employer.

When Mike isn’t coming up with products for Break, or writing about himself in third person, he dabbles in screenwriting.  He co-wrote the indie film “The Trouble With Romance” starring Jennifer Siebel Newsom, Kip Pardue, David Eigenberg and more.

When he’s not writing movies, he’s a husband and father of three stunningly attractive children. For more on Mike professionally, see here:
View Mike Su's profile on LinkedIn

For more on Mike’s much thinner entertainment adventures, see here:
View Mike Su's profile on IMDB

For Animals Being Dicks, see here


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