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The Quarantine Qronicles

In June, I took a trip to China as part of the Geeks on a Plane group of tech geeks and investors touring Japan, Beijing and Shanghai meeting with fellow entrepreneurs and investors in Asia to get a better understanding of the tech scene there. I skipped the Japan portion of my flight, which turned out to be a huge mistake, because as it turns out, the person sitting behind me on my flight from LAX to Beijing tested positive with swine flu, which meant everyone three rows in front and back got sent to quarantine. So instead of getting that whirlwind tour of China, I got a not-so-whirlwind tour of a 200 sq ft hotel room in the outskirts of Beijing. Luckily, the hotel had internet connectivity, and I had a lot of time, so I blogged all about it in a series of quarantine posts I’m going to call…The Quarantine Qronicles…get it? cause…eh hem…anyway, on to the posts:

Welcome to the Hotel Quarantine

Life in the Big House

The Seven People You’ll Meet in Hotel Quarantine

3 Down, 2 To Go!

Quarantine 2.0

At the Airport

Final Thoughts On China Trip

And, out of this whole event I got my two seconds of internet infamy…here’s some of the coverage:
LA Times article

Tech Crunch article

Reprint of 7 people post on MBA Blogs @ BusinesWeek

Geeks on a Plane writeup


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